Products made with materials of HIDOUCHE MACHINERY.

Food Products

Pulp juice, vinegar, cheese, milk raw, milk powder, orange flower water, mayonnaise, olive oil, yogurt, sugar, jam, packaging of herbal teas, vegetable fat, olive packing bags and cans, syrups, flavoring liquid and powder, packaging of coffee and tea, essential oils by distillation plant, ...

Non-food products

Perfume, deodorant, lipstick, face cream, shampoo, surgical spirit, shower gel, hand wash, liquid soap for hand, washing dishes, soap powder, washing floor, washing soap ,ice machine oil, paint, dyes, glaciol , sanibon, nedaf, bleach, bleach scented household spirit, paint stripper, demineralized water, 28 ° acid, linseed oil, drying, ...

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