The company EURL HIDOUCHMACHINERY is specialized in the design, production and installation of Machines and industrial equipments to sectors of the agrifood, chemical and parapharmacy.
Installations adapted to the specific needs of each client with a choice of materials of all capacities.

HIDOUCHE MACHINERY, is the number one in the mixture, among the first Algerian companies in the industrial mixture applied to different sectors: chemical, agro-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, our company is the memory of the mixture. the innovation and creativity are the domain of our expertise.

Agitator, mixer with support that rises or falls, and controller of speed:
  • The support rises and falls with a pneumatic specially designed for the use of fixed or mobile tanks of different heights and different capacities.
  • The type of running is determined following the basic definition: the capacity in liters, the power in Kw and speed rpm. Electronically variable agitation (10 rpm to 3300 rpm) hard running (500 1600).
  • Associated with the turbines, they assure all mixtures from 10 to 2500 liters depending on the rheology of the product, more than twenty turbines are placed at the disposition of our clients the choice is made following the integral formula of your product.
  • Dissolution, dispersion, mixing, blending, emulsion etc .... To have a very refined and homogenous product.
  • Options on request: automatic cleaning station, all in inox, hydraulic unit with electrical control.
WE SUGGEST FOR YOU A GREAT GAME OF MACHINES: mixers adapted to your Activities, cookers, cutters, mixers, blenders, multifunctional fillers, Welders, sleeving machines, pasteurisers, bundling machines, coolers, blenders of powder breakers.
We also propose you tanks and single-walled tanks, double walls and isothermal from 600 to 20,000 liters in stainless steel.


Adresse : Cité Rmel, Route Ain taya
Rouiba, Alger.
Tel: 00213 770 668 640 / 00213 560 939 547